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Cell Phone Battery Replacement Service in Tampa, FL

Battery Replacement Advice From Phone Repair Shop Tampa

Are you aware that the average life of a mobile phone’s battery is 2-3 years approximately? Don’t Worry! You do not have to replace your phone every 2-3 years, but in fact, you can get your mobile phone’s battery replaced and get another 2-3 years of your phone!

The battery is the lifeblood of your smartphone, providing the power necessary to keep your smartphone running smoothly throughout the day. However, over time, phone batteries can degrade and lose their ability to hold a charge effectively. According to the experts at the Phone Repair Shop in Tampa, this happens due to a combination of factors, including chemical reactions and regular usage. Some key reasons include Charge Cycles, Exposure to extreme temperatures, Overcharging or over-discharging, Usage Patterns, and the age of the battery. If you would like to learn all the reasons in detail and what you can do to make the most of your phone’s battery, you may read our blog on it by visiting the link.

If you have noticed your phone’s battery life dwindling or experiencing other related issues, it may be time to get your phone’s battery replaced. In this article, we have listed some signs indicating that it’s time to replace your phone’s battery.

Experts Tips: When To Get Your Phone’s Battery Replaced

Rapid Battery Drain

If your phone’s battery is not lasting for as long as it used to, or if you notice the battery percentage decrease quickly, then it is an indication that your phone’s battery is deteriorating. Even with minimal usage, if your phone’s battery is struggling to hold a charge and dies quickly, a smartphone battery replacement may be necessary.


According to the experts at the Phone repair shop in Tampa, a battery that is nearing the end of its life can cause your phone to heat up excessively during normal usage or when charging. If you notice that your phone becomes unusually hot, especially around the battery area, it is time to have the battery checked and potentially replaced.

Sluggish Performance

If your phone takes time to respond to taps and prompts, then this is also an indication that the battery of your device is deteriorating. Do your phones take a lot of time to launch the apps? Or get stuck often? You must look out for these signs as these are an indications that your phone’s battery needs replacement.

However, according to the experts at the cell phone repair store in Tampa, this can also happen due to insufficient storage capacity. Therefore, before you conclude that it is because of the battery, you must free some storage capacity from your phone and see if it fixes the issue. If there is no improvement, then surely the battery needs replacement.

Inconsistent Battery Percentage

Is your battery percentage displaying inaccurately or jumping around randomly? This could be a sign that your phone’s battery is no longer holding a consistent charge. If your phone’s battery indicator is unreliable and inconsistent, replacing the battery can help restore accurate battery level readings.

Won’t Hold A Charge

Has your phone stopped charging up to 100%? Or does it shuts down unexpectedly or shuts down app s that you are using unexpectedly? All this, paired with overheating, is a clear indicator that your phone’s battery needs a replacement in order to work properly.

Slow Charging Speed

If you have noticed that your phone takes much longer to charge than it used to, even with a new charging cable or adapter, it could be a sign of a degraded battery. A worn-out battery may not be able to absorb and hold a charge efficiently, resulting in prolonged charging times.

So these are some of the signs advised by the experts at the cell phone repair store in Tampa that indicate that your phone’s battery needs replacement. Another thing that you must be careful about is to ensure you get your phone’s battery replaced by a reputed phone repair store to ensure the battery used for replacement is of high-quality.

At Tell Fix, we make use of genuine, finest-quality replacement components to make sure your phone gets back to its original condition after the repair. If you would like to avail of our phone repair service, you may contact us to book an appointment or visit our website for more information.

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