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Fix Phone Fast Battery Draining

Tips to Fix Phone Fast Battery Draining: A Guide By Phone Repair Shop

Your phone’s battery drains fast and you have to put it on charge again and again? This is very inconvenient and wastes a lot of time. For this, it is better to fix the fast battery drainage problem and enjoy smooth phone usage. In this article, we will talk about the best solutions that can help you with fixing fast battery drainage issues. Or you can get professional help from a phone repair shop in Tampa to get this issue resolved. Consider Tellfix for your phone repair services because we have technical experts who will ensure to fix this issue in the long term. Moreover, we are very affordable and trustworthy when it comes to phone repair services. Talk to our customer support and let us know your problems. We would love to help.

Help From Phone Repair Store To Solve Fast Battery Draining Problem

To solve your fast battery drainage problem you can check the battery usage of your phone apps and keep apps that have low battery consumption. You can also turn off the auto brightness setting and unimportant notifications to save your battery. Moreover, try disabling connections manually on your Android device and decrease the screen timeout for saving the battery. Another possible solution is to check for software glitches and maintain battery health for better performance. Last but not least you can consider hiring a professional Phone Repair Shop in Tampa services to get help with this issue.

Check Battery Usage of Phone Apps

To check the battery usage of your phone apps go to the settings of your device. Then choose the battery option and from the drop-down menu choose the go to battery usage setting. Then select show full device usage to see the battery usage of different apps installed on your device. You can then analyze which app is using the most battery and uninstall it if it is not that important for you.

Switch Off The Auto-Brightness Setting

Turning off the auto brightness setting of your phone will also help in saving the phone battery. For this go to the settings of your phone and choose display. Then from the drop-down menu click on the brightness option. Turn the toggle off the auto brightness option to turn it off. So whenever you have to adjust your brightness make sure you adjust it manually to save maximum battery. You can also seek help from a phone repair shop in Tampa if the problem is still not resolved.

Turn Off Unimportant Notifications

Unimportant notifications also are the main cause that decreases the battery levels of your phone and leads to fast battery drainage. For turning OFF these notifications go to the settings of your device and choose the notifications option. Then manually select notifications from which app you want to keep and unselect notifications from apps that you don’t want to keep. This will save on the battery usage of your device.

Disable Connections Manually On Android

If you keep your connections turned on automatically all the time your battery will decrease rapidly. So choose to enable and disable connections manually on your device to save battery levels. Also, it is recommended to turn on the Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth settings only when you need them. And keep them OFF when you don’t need them. Get help from a phone and electronic repair shop to complete this step successfully.

Shorten the Screen Timeout on Android

Decreasing the Screen timeout will also help in saving your device battery. Go to the settings of your phone and choose the display option. Then choose the Screen timeout option and set a short time duration. Your phone will turn off after this time if not in use. This will help you in saving significant phone battery.

Check the Software Glitches

Sometimes software glitches can also lead to fast battery drainage of your device. For this, it is important to do a detailed analysis of your device and troubleshoot the problems leading to fast battery drainage. Look for software glitches in your device and get rid of them as soon as possible to save your battery. Ask a phone and computer repair shop to help you get rid of the software glitches in your device.

Keep Battery Healthy

The best solution to avoid fast battery drainage is to maintain the health of your device battery. Make sure you charge it properly and do not bring it to extremely low levels to avoid damage to your battery. Also, use the manufacturer-recommended charger for charging your phone to maintain battery health.


Hopefully, now you know the top solutions to get help with a fast battery drainage problem. If all of these methods don’t work make sure to replace your battery to enjoy better phone performance. Or you can get professional help from an electronics repair shop in Tampa and improve your phone usage experience. Consider Tellfix for repairing your battery problems because we are trusted by people all around the world. We will do a detailed analysis of your phone and then come up with the best solutions that can help you w

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