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iPhone overheating issue

How to Fix iPhone Overheating Problem

Like all other devices, Apple phones are susceptible to overheating problems. iPhones are designed to function properly in a temperature range between 0° and 35° C. If your iPhone is working at a higher temperature, you must fix it immediately. Whether your iPhone is overheating due to environmental heat, software bugs, or a faulty battery, you can follow our step-by-step guidelines on iPhone overheating problem. You can get the most reliable iPhone repair from our expert technicians.

3 Reasons Why is Your iPhone Overheating

Overheating is a common issue that can occur for various reasons. Here are some basic causes of your iPhone overheating problem.

  1. Environmental Heat: If you leave your iPhone in direct sunlight, it cannot tolerate excessive heat and will become overheated.
  2. Minimum Storage Space: Having dozens of heavy apps or unnecessary media files on your iPhone can cause overheating problems. 
  3. Faulty Battery: Using an iPhone with a defective battery can overheat the backside of your device. 

6 Ways to Fix iPhone Overheating Issue

Resolving your iPhone’s overheating problem is not a big issue, but you will need an effective solution. The following are easy solutions to fix an iPhone overheating problem with proper instructions.

1. Cool Down Your iPhone

The first thing you should do with your overheated iPhone is bring its temperature to normal range. You can remove your iPhone’s case and place it in an airy environment. Also, you can fan your iPhone to regulate the temperature and gradually cool down. Moreover, giving your iPhone a break would be a good idea to let it work smoothly. 

2. Remove Malicious or Crashing Apps

If your iPhone has dozens of malicious or crashing applications, it can stop working properly. To remove unnecessary apps, follow these steps. 

  • First of all, tap and hold a crashing app’s icon until the list of options appears.
  • After that, choose the “Remove App” option and select “Delete App” when prompted.
  • If you want to reinstall an important app, go to the App Store and launch it again. 

3. Declutter or Clear Storage Space

Having a messy storage space can put an extra load on your device and make it slower or overheated. To make your iPhone work normally, you can use a tool that helps to clean out unnecessary files or apps from your iPhone.  Freeing up space can be the most effective solution to reducing iPhone overheating. Moreover, you should organize your media files into defined groups to avoid cluttering your device.

4. Check Your iPhone Battery

One of the most common reasons for iPhone overheating is a faulty battery. When your iPhone’s battery overcharges or has manufacturing defects, it can frequently cause overheating issues. You can optimize your battery performance or consider a battery replacement by following these steps one by one.

  • Initially, access the “Settings” app and hit the “Battery” option.
  • Then, monitor your battery usage and check battery health to decide whether it needs a replacement.
  • To reduce the load on the battery, you can adjust the cellular network settings and screen brightness.

5. Update Your iOS Software

The most effective method to resolve an iPhone overheating problem is to update your device software. Using an older iOS version can cause bugs or glitches in your device. Therefore, you should follow this comprehensive guide to update your iPhone software.

  • Start by opening the “Settings” of your iPhone. 
  • Then, access the “General” menu from the settings page. 
  • After that, choose “Software Update” to see any available updates. 
  • Finally, hit “Download and Install” for the latest software version. 

6. Get Expert Assistance 

If you’re still facing the iPhone overheating problem after applying the methods mentioned above, the only way you have left is to get expert help. For this purpose, you can get effective solutions from a reliable iPhone repair shop like Tell Fix. We have highly trained technicians who inspect and resolve all problems with your device.


In short, iPhone overheating problems can occur for various reasons, such as environmental heat, battery failures, or a lack of storage space. Whatever the reason, you can resolve the issue by applying a dedicated solution. Therefore, we at TellFix have provided easy guidelines to fix iPhone overheating problems. If the issue persists, our skilled technicians can provide iPhone repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my iPhone from overheating while charging?

Apple manufacturers recommend taking off your iPhone case while charging. There are different types of cases that can generate excessive heat, which causes your iPhone to overheat. If it is still overheating, you can place your phone in an airy space. 

How do I get my phone temperature back to normal?

Cooling down your phone requires you to follow a dedicated method. First of all, take your phone case off to release trapped heat. Then, enable airplane mode to turn off battery-draining features, such as Bluetooth or background apps. You can also place your phone in a shady place. 

Can you put an iPhone in the fridge to cool down?

If your iPhone overheats frequently, you can put it in the shade or remove overloaded apps. However, putting your iPhone in the fridge is not recommended because extremely cold temperatures can damage your device.

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