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How to Stop Dropping Your Phone

How to Stop Dropping Your Phone?

We always have our mobile phones with us since they’ve become so ingrained in our daily lives. We can panic and spoil our entire day if our mobile phones are damaged or malfunctioning, not to mention the pricey repairs needed. Despite the fact that we handle our smartphones appropriately, many times, people drop them owing to clumsy hands. Broken screens and other cosmetic and component damage can occur when phones are dropped. Several more recent mobile phone models include glass backs and screens. Most mobile device producers now create phones with bezel-less displays, protecting them from damage even when dropped from a height. While some businesses could tout their products’ drop-durability, they need to safeguard them against any irreparable harm that falls might cause.

7 Best Tips about Not Drop Your Phones

Here are a few strategies by a phone repair shop in Tampa to avoid having the cell phone fall and sustain damage:

1. Use phone-holding accessories

Today, various useful phone-holding devices are available to shield the phone’s screen and other parts against breakage caused by a fall. For instance, mobile airbags protect against damage even when a phone drops from a great height. They feature sensors that recognize free fall and activate metal supports, ensuring a soft landing and shielding the phone’s edges. Mobile rings are adaptable and greatly lower the chance of dropping the phone. Pop sockets and grab tabs are some other useful tools. When considering accessories, the choice between Apple vs. Android can influence compatibility and design preferences.

2. Purchase an easy-to-grip case

Most users secure their phones with phone cases. The design, size, and slickness of modern cell phones are increasing. They don’t offer much grip, which raises the possibility of falls. A sturdy phone case with a good grip is essential when holding the phone correctly and absorbing shock in an accidentally dropped phone. Users of cell phones choose silicone or rubber cases. Attach a textured phone grip in addition to the standard issue for further protection.

3. Use a protector for the screen.

Like the back, the phone’s screen has to be protected. Screen protectors made of tempered glass provide an inexpensive means of preventing the screen from shattering and cracking. Compared to plastic screen protectors, tempered glass offers significantly superior protection. They can also considerably lessen the harm a drop might do to the screen.

4. Store the phone properly

It’s not uncommon for phones to tumble out of pockets, especially back pockets, and land in unpleasant places like the floor or the toilet. Put the phone in your purse or attach a belt clip so you’ll never lose it again. Keep the phone in a safe place when it’s not in use.

5. Handle the phone correctly.

The most effective and least time-consuming way to prevent damage from drops is to handle the phone carefully. Here are a few easy ways to safeguard your phone:

  • Refraining from making phone calls when multitasking
  • Take your phone out of the restroom with you.
  • The need to secure it out of reach of children
  • Avoiding the use of a lone hand to dial the phone
  • Using a wireless charger with care or being careful with a cable

Protect your phone from drops, extend its life, and keep it pristine by following the steps above.

6. Bumper case

Using a bumper case is a reliable way to protect your smartphone from drops. Many top manufacturers now produce high-quality, fashionable bumper cases for popular smartphones. These cases can even enhance your phone’s appearance. However, the protection level varies. Lightweight, attractive cases prevent minor scratches but offer limited drop protection. High-quality, heavy-duty cases, though less sleek and slightly heavier, provide excellent protection by using ridges on the corners to absorb impact from drops.

7. Don’t Drop the Ball (or Your Phone)!

These basic suggestions have piqued your interest enough to warrant purchasing a decent cover and screen protector for your phone. Not only will it protect you from shattering on impact, but its many grab points will also help stop you from falling. If your phone has suffered serious damage from a fall, contact Tell Fix, an expert phone repair shop for professional repair services.

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