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Mobile Data On But Not Working

Mobile Data On But Not Working Issue?

Your mobile phone cannot operate effectively without mobile data. Imagine if none of your social media or search engines would function if your mobile data on your Android or iPhone were down. There are times when mobile data is operational and other times when it is not. We may also agree that when it collapses, everything can turn out to be uncomfortable. But don’t worry, this article has got your back. Use these tips for fixing your mobile data problems or get help from a phone repair shop in Tampa. Consider Tell Fix for your mobile repair needs if you are looking for affordable and reliable service providers.

6 Tips To Fix Mobile Data On But Not Working Issue

1. Repair Shop 

The good news is that these issues can be quickly resolved, and correcting them is typically not too difficult. Here are some solutions to common mobile data connectivity problems. Alternatively, you can seek help from our repair services at a phone repair shop in Tampa for professional assistance.

2. Verify if your Mobile Data Limit Has Been Reached

Most carriers offer data-constrained plans, and monitoring your data usage is crucial to avoid interruptions. Check your phone settings to see if you’ve exceeded your mobile data limit for the day, week, or month. If you have, contact your carrier to discuss options like a payment plan. If issues persist, further troubleshooting may be needed to identify other reasons for your mobile data not functioning.

3. Restarting your Mobile Device

Rebooting devices often resolves issues, including mobile data problems. Try toggling Airplane Mode on and off in your phone’s settings to reset connections. Ensure mobile data is enabled and Wi-Fi is off. If issues persist, consider visiting an phone repair shop in Tampa for assistance.

4. Check If Airplane Mode is Active

Your mobile data may not be functioning due to configuration issues. Check if “Airplane mode” is accidentally enabled in your phone settings under “Wireless Networks” or “Connections.” Turn it off, allow networks to reconnect, and verify if your mobile data is working again.

5. Verify You Are Using the Correct Mobile Network

To fix mobile data issues, ensure your phone’s network settings are correct. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Network Mode and select the appropriate option for your phone (like 2G/3G/4G Auto). Verify your mobile internet connection afterward. It’s also important to protect your phone data privacy by avoiding unsecured networks and using strong passwords for your accounts.

6. Insert your SIM card again.

Reinstalling your SIM card is another method of resolving this issue. Several problems with cellular data can sometimes be resolved by rebooting or resetting the SIM card and phone communication. You must first switch off your phone before removing your SIM card, so keep that in mind. Reinstall your SIM card after waiting 30 seconds after removing it. Restart your smartphone and watch for the network connection to complete. Next, see if the problem with your mobile data has been resolved.


The performance of your mobile data connections might be impacted by a variety of configurations. Before making any significant changes, try these fixes when your mobile connection experiences problems. While there are a variety of reasons why mobile data may not be working, most of the time there are relatively straightforward fixes for these issues. You can also visit a phone repair shop in Tampa if these solutions are not working for you. Let Tell Fix help you with this problem so that you can enjoy using your phone without any problem

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