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Repair Services in Tampa, FL

Comprehensive Electronics Repair


Best Tech-Repair For iPhones, iPads, and More In Tampa, FL

At Tell Fix, we provide excellent Smartphone Repair in Tampa for numerous electronics. We ensure that our customers can feel at ease once they contact us. Hence, our services are performed by professional repair technicians who hold great skill at what they do. We ensure timeliness in our services as we understand it can be difficult to go long periods without your essential gadgets. You can also get quick and free estimates for your smartphone and tablet repair from one of our experts. It allows you to have a fair idea about the incoming expense. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority which is why we strive to provide the same-day repair services for most. Reach out to us to avail the best repair services for game consoles, tablets, Apple products, and much more. Get in touch with us today!

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.

The Most Reliable Electronics Repair Shop In Tampa

At TellFix, we excel at providing reliable electronic repairs in Tampa. If you have an ailing cell phone, you can visit our excellent phone repair shop in Tampa. We have qualified technicians ready to serve you. No more worrying about your smartphone’s low performance because we can fix it for you in minimal time. More often than not, we can fix your smartphones in minimal time. However, our technicians also offer excellent repair services for other devices. Have a look:

We have the skills and equipment to provide excellent phone repair service in Tampa! Get in touch with us!

You can get your iPad’s screen, sound issues, and back glass crack problems fixed by our experts in minimal time. 

You can get excellent tablet repair service from us in no time! We can cater to your damaged tablets efficiently and accurately!

Whether you have a hardware issue or a liquid spill problem, our experts can fix your malfunctioning game consoles for you!

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What Do We Fix?

Wondering what services we offer in our reliable tech repairs? Take a look!

Screen Replacement

We can replace your damaged screen with a new one to meet your needs quickly! Get in touch with us today!

Battery Replacement

Say goodbye to your low-performing battery and hello to your new battery! We offer excellent battery replacements.

Broken Buttons

Let the experts at our computer repair shop fix the broken or sticky buttons on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Water Damage

A liquid spill is always bad news for a gadget if it is not waterproof. Let us fix your device if it has fallen victim to water damage!

Charging Port Replacements

We provide charging port replacements. If your phone, tablet, or console has a malfunctioning charging port, we are the ones you need to get it fixed!

Speaker Issues

If your gadget has speaker problems, don’t worry! Our experts are skilled at mending those and making your speakers functional again!


What Our Client Says

Tesfaye Habtemariam
Tesfaye Habtemariam
Thank you so much to AJ, helped us switch our phone info to our new phone really nice and really good people!
Cra Hicks
Cra Hicks
Thanks to jilian and Aj they fixed my phones less then an hour! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Came to this store to just get a temper glass and the man AJ helped me pick out a case case and a glass! Very nice guy and knowledgeable on his products! Thank you so much, will be back!
The Goodson Family
The Goodson Family
There have good customer service especially this employee name Aj he is very patient and understandable I recommend this store
Erika Weaver
Erika Weaver
Amazing customer service from Derek and Ray Thank you guys..
Tamara Ramos
Tamara Ramos
Excellent service very nice and knowledgeable I have been here before and the service was amazing. I paid 235.00 to repair my galaxy Note 8 .Fixed it in 3 hours going back to upgrade my phone in the future. Thank You Im A customer for life.

Comprehensive Services By Expert Technicians in Tampa

At TellFix, we have a team of skilled and qualified repair technicians with multiple years of experience. You can depend on us to ensure your ailing tech is repaired within record time. We will provide excellence in all repairs and deliver them on time. We take pride in having all-inclusive repair services available at our renowned tech repair shop in Tampa. Let us elaborate on why we are the best technicians around:

Qualified Staff

We have repair technicians who are qualified for the job. You can count on their skills and qualifications to ensure your electronics run smoothly again.

Comprehensive Services

Our services are all-inclusive, which means we can cater to more than just one need of your ailing tech device. No need to find a new repair technician for each issue!

Experience and Skills

We have the ideal experience and skills required to perform impeccable repair services. You can count on us to ensure your devices are fully functional again.

Lasting Fix

Are you tired of getting lousy or improper repairs? We understand your struggle. You can depend on us to provide durable and lasting repair solutions in minimal time!