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Reliable iPhone 12 Repair Store in Tampa, FL

Reliable iPhone Repair Service


iPhone 12 Repair in Tampa, FL

Tellfix Store is the best place for iPhone 12 repair in Tampa, FL, if your smartphone gets stuck or looks glitchy and broken. We have aided many smartphone owners in getting their mobile phones fixed conveniently.


We provide quick, efficient, affordable, and high-quality repair services for Apple devices. Our experts have experience in their field. We have the most skilled set of people ready all the time to get your devices back on track.


We know all the complexities of technology. And are well-equipped with knowledge, experience, and tools to handle these issues and problems efficiently. Get our repair services and reinstate your device’s high-performing state. 


Be it speaker repair or back glass fix. Our range of repair services is not limited. Be it a gaming console repair or a MacBook fix. We repair all types of issues with all types of technological gadgets.

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Expert iPhone 13 Pro Max Repair Technicians In Tampa-min

Fixes for your Phone | iPhone 12

iPhones are very intricately designed smartphones. We never recommend DIYS on iPhones. This is so because we know that if something were to go wrong during the disassembly process, it could potentially kill your smartphone.


We always recommend getting professional help and aid in such scenarios. Our professionals make it look like it’s very easy. In contrast, it is the opposite of such.

Nearest iPhone Repair Store

Stop searching for a “high-end iPhone repair store near me”. Tellfix is the perfect store to get reliable iPhone fixes in your area. Get our professional help and restore your device to its former glorious and fruitful life.


The services we offer to our customers are unmatched in every possible way. We are located at a very easy-to-access location for your convenience. We are the best repair place in town that can revamp iPhones in the most hassle-free manner.

iPhone Repair Services We Provide

We are the best of the best repair stores in your area. We provide all iPhone fixes under a single roof. Below are some of the fixes we provide for these premium handheld gadgets.

iPhone 12 Screen Replacement

For any smartphone owner, shattered front glass is not a fun sight. If you have spiderwebs on the front of your gadget, we have the solution for you. Bring your broken phone to us and get our reliable iPhone 12 screen repair service.


iPhone 12 Water Damage Repair

Have you accidentally dropped your smartphone in the water and are now scared of getting liquids on the inside? Bring it to us and avail our iPhone 12 water damage repair service to take good care of your device’s productivity and long life.

iPhone 12 Battery Replacement

It is very heart-wrenching when your phone dies in the middle of the day. To ensure your device stays alive when you need it the most, get our iPhone 12 battery repair service. Welcome back to those long usage hours that your device is more than just capable of delivering.


iPhone 12 Camera Repair

Don’t let your device's blurry video and picture output stop you from capturing memorable moments with your friends and family. We provide an iPhone 12 camera replacement service to maximize your device's camera performance.

iPhone 12 Charge Port Replacement

Malfunctioning internal components cause nothing but anxiety. Is changing cables not working for your gadget to get connected to other devices and chargers? Come to our store and let our technicians provide you with the best iPhone 12 charge port repair service.

iPhone 12 Diagnostics Services

Are you having trouble figuring out what exactly went wrong with your smartphone? Get our iPhone 12 repair diagnostics service, which will help you understand what went wrong with your device and how it can be fixed.

Charging Port Repair

Is your smartphone not charging at all? Or Does it keep getting disconnected while on charge? The charging port has been damaged if nothing else is working out for you. For a proper and timely fix of your charging port, reach out to us today.

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.


What Our Client Says

Tesfaye Habtemariam
Tesfaye Habtemariam
Thank you so much to AJ, helped us switch our phone info to our new phone really nice and really good people!
Cra Hicks
Cra Hicks
Thanks to jilian and Aj they fixed my phones less then an hour! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Came to this store to just get a temper glass and the man AJ helped me pick out a case case and a glass! Very nice guy and knowledgeable on his products! Thank you so much, will be back!
The Goodson Family
The Goodson Family
There have good customer service especially this employee name Aj he is very patient and understandable I recommend this store
Erika Weaver
Erika Weaver
Amazing customer service from Derek and Ray Thank you guys..
Tamara Ramos
Tamara Ramos
Excellent service very nice and knowledgeable I have been here before and the service was amazing. I paid 235.00 to repair my galaxy Note 8 .Fixed it in 3 hours going back to upgrade my phone in the future. Thank You Im A customer for life.