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Quality iPhone 13 Pro Repair Store in Tampa, FL

Reliable iPhone Repair Service


iPhone 13 Pro Repair in Tampa, FL

Has your Apple phone been acting weird lately? Or does it need some fixes to come back to normal life? Get TellFix’s iPhone 13 Pro repair in Tampa, FL, and say goodbye to worrisome and problematic times your smartphone is giving you.


Our repair place is known to get things done efficiently and quickly. Apple devices are one of the most intricate pieces of technology. Our technicians have been in the industry long enough to fix any type of problem your device is facing.


No issue is new to us, and no problem is too big for our technicians to handle. Plus, we provide the best repair services at the most pocket-friendly and budget-oriented rates. No repair you get from us is going to put any pressure on your finances. 


We fix a whole range of smartphones and tablets. Not only these, but we also repair PCs, Gaming Consoles, laptops, and smartwatches. If any of these smart gadgets are in need of a screen, battery, camera, or any other repair or replacement service, you know you can come to us.

iPhone 13 Pro Repair in Tampa, FL

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Fixes for your Phone _ iPhone 13 Pro

Fixes for your Phone | iPhone 13 Pro

iPhones are not easily repairable. However, our technicians are well-versed in getting iPhones back on track. We assure you that your device is in the best set of hands, and you can trust us to fix your gadget efficiently. 


Suppose you have a malfunctioning gadget that needs instant looking into; we are your best bet at getting it back to its optimal working condition. Bring it over and let our technicians be of service to you.

Best iPhone Repair Store | Fixes In Your Area

Our store is the perfect match for your search for “the most reliable iPhone 13 Pro repair store near me”. You don’t need to look any further than us to get your device restored to its full glorious condition. 

TellFix is located conveniently in your area to remove any obstacles between your malfunctioning smartphone and a fully functional device. Our repair experts are quite impressively proficient at providing top-quality repairs.

Repairs We Take Care Of

We have the tools and techniques to fix your smartphone efficiently and swiftly. Below are some common iPhone repairs we have been providing to our clients. 

iPhone 13 Pro Screen Replacement

A broken and cracked display is not a pleasant sight. If you have accidentally got cracks on the front side of your device. Bring it over to our store and let us fix its front glass through our iPhone 13 Pro screen repair service.

iPhone 13 Pro Water Damage Repair

Liquids do not go well along with your device’s internal components. If you have accidentally got water on the inside of your mobile, you can get an iPhone 13 Pro water-damage repair service at our store.

iPhone 13 Pro Battery Replacement

Bad screen time causes your phone to die multiple times in a day. If so is the case with you, we know that a faulty battery can cause it to do so. Bring it to us and get an iPhone 13 Pro battery repair service at TellFix to resolve this problem.

iPhone 13 Pro Camera Repair

Blurred and out-of-focus pictures and videos are the outcomes of a badly performing or glitchy phone lens. If you want to reinstate your device’s premium graphics output, get our iPhone 13 Pro camera replacement service.

iPhone 13 Pro Charge Port Replacement

A broken charge port means disconnection and bad voltage delivery to your device. Which, if left untreated for long, can cause your battery to swell and battery health to decrease. Come to us and let us provide you with the best iPhone 13 Pro charge port repair service.

iPhone 13 Pro Diagnostics Services

If you are not sure what exactly is the problem with your smartphone and why it is not working properly as it should, bring it to us. We will provide you with the best iPhone 13 Pro diagnostics service, which will enable us to catch the culprit and fix it for you.

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.


What Our Client Says

Tesfaye Habtemariam
Tesfaye Habtemariam
Thank you so much to AJ, helped us switch our phone info to our new phone really nice and really good people!
Cra Hicks
Cra Hicks
Thanks to jilian and Aj they fixed my phones less then an hour! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Came to this store to just get a temper glass and the man AJ helped me pick out a case case and a glass! Very nice guy and knowledgeable on his products! Thank you so much, will be back!
The Goodson Family
The Goodson Family
There have good customer service especially this employee name Aj he is very patient and understandable I recommend this store
Erika Weaver
Erika Weaver
Amazing customer service from Derek and Ray Thank you guys..
Tamara Ramos
Tamara Ramos
Excellent service very nice and knowledgeable I have been here before and the service was amazing. I paid 235.00 to repair my galaxy Note 8 .Fixed it in 3 hours going back to upgrade my phone in the future. Thank You Im A customer for life.