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Tablet Repair In Tampa, FL

Android Tablet Repair Services

Devices We repair

We have the skills and equipment to provide excellent phone repair service in Tampa! Get in touch with us!

You can get excellent tablet repair service from us in no time! We can cater to your damaged tablets efficiently and accurately!

Whether you have a hardware issue or a liquid spill problem, our experts can fix your malfunctioning game consoles for you!

Efficient Tablet Repair Services In Tampa, FL

At TellFix, we offer efficient Android Tablet & Electronics Repair services in Tampa. You can count on our knowledge, skills, and experience to meet your ailing tablet’s repair needs. From camera replacements to water damage and everything in between, we have the perfect team to tend to your needs! No need to worry about getting a new tablet just yet! If our repair team can fix it, you do not have to obtain a replacement! Come to us with your unusable tablets, and let us help you. We have over 25 years of valuable experience and have served innumerable customers. You can rely on us knowing that your device is in professional hands! Feel free to contact us or visit our outlet in Tampa. We offer numerous other services as well. Be sure to check them out and get in touch with us!

Tablet Repair Services In Tampa, FL

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Tampa’s Best Tablet Repair Service

At TellFix, we provide our customers with various tech repair services. Tablet repair service is among our best-selling services. Most Android tablet users get distressed once their tablet shows issues. We take care of their tablet’s repair needs efficiently and effectively to ensure the device’s longevity. If you wish to get the same service from our crew of certified technicians, you should come to us! We have the best possible tablet repair service available at affordable prices, which you can outsource from us easily. Our service technicians hold numerous years of experience; hence, you can count on their expertise to meet your tablet repair needs. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more!

What Do We Fix?

If you are thinking about what problems we can fix with your tablet, you’re at the right place! We can fix just about anything in your ailing tablet. Our tablet repair service includes but is not limited to:

Tablet Repair Battery Replacement Service in Tampa, FL

Battery Replacement

Whether your tablet’s battery is low-performing or water-damaged, we can replace it easily! No need to worry about it.

Tablet Repair Button Repair Service in Tampa, FL

Button Repair

Our excellent repair technicians will fix your tablet’s stubborn button issues in no time! Get in touch with us today!

Tablet Repair Water Damage Repair Service in Tampa, FL

Water Damage Repair

Let us cater to your tablet’s repair needs after it gets water-damaged. We know how to do it in minimal time!

Tablet Repair Charging Port replacement Service in Tampa, FL

Charging Port replacement

If your tablet’s charging port is dust-clogged, it will be problematic to charge it. Let us replace it and eradicate your problem!

Tablet Repair Screen Replacement Service in Tampa, FL

Screen Replacement

You can get repair of your damaged Samsung tablet screen and be relieved because our technicians will fix it in minimal time!

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.

Sell Your Device

You can also exchange your device for cash at our outlet. We will purchase your broken, malfunctioning, and damaged smartphones for money. You can come to us, and we will work something out.


What Our Client Says

Tesfaye Habtemariam
Tesfaye Habtemariam
Thank you so much to AJ, helped us switch our phone info to our new phone really nice and really good people!
Cra Hicks
Cra Hicks
Thanks to jilian and Aj they fixed my phones less then an hour! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Derlyn Roberts-Glover
Came to this store to just get a temper glass and the man AJ helped me pick out a case case and a glass! Very nice guy and knowledgeable on his products! Thank you so much, will be back!
The Goodson Family
The Goodson Family
There have good customer service especially this employee name Aj he is very patient and understandable I recommend this store
Erika Weaver
Erika Weaver
Amazing customer service from Derek and Ray Thank you guys..
Tamara Ramos
Tamara Ramos
Excellent service very nice and knowledgeable I have been here before and the service was amazing. I paid 235.00 to repair my galaxy Note 8 .Fixed it in 3 hours going back to upgrade my phone in the future. Thank You Im A customer for life.

You Can Depend On Our Professionals

We ensure excellent service in all our tech repairs. No matter what device or tablet repair you seek, we are positive our repair technicians will meet your needs efficiently. You can count on us to provide you with the best tablet repairs in Tampa. Our experts have served innumerable customers in Tampa and have their hands set on repairing iPads. We can determine underlying issues along with the obvious ones. No repair concern goes unnoticed or unfixed at TellFix! If you are searching for a trusted provider of tablet repairs in Tampa, you can stop looking now. We will be here to cater to your needs and mend your device to impeccable functionality again. Here’s what we can offer you:

Excellent Tablet Repairs

Whether you need a tablet screen replacement or a tablet battery repair, we will ensure it is performed impeccably. 

Expert Technicians

We have qualified repair technicians ready to mend your tablet’s issues in minimal time! Get in touch with us today!


At TellFix, we have multiple years of experience as trusted tech repair providers. You can rely on us to ensure quality repairs.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Our repair diagnosis accuracy is high, enabling us to move on with the repair more efficiently than most!