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Phone Screen Damages

What Are the Types of Phone Screen Damages

No doubt, the screen is a delicate component of a phone. Despite the durability of phones, the screen can get damaged due to intense impacts or accidental drops. Before fixing any damage, you will need to understand its nature or extent. This article will provide complete details about the types of phone screen damage and when a screen replacement is necessary.

7 Most Common Types of Phone Screen Damages

Are you curious to know about different types of phone screen malfunctioning? Following are some common types, along with their details.

1. Cracked Screen

One of the most common types of phone screen damage is a cracked screen. An accidental or intense impact on your phone can result in cracks on the display. Sometimes, these cracks are noticeable lines or web-like patterns that can impact your phone’s touch sensitivity.

2. Screen Scratches

Scratches on your phone’s display are another common damage. This problem occurs when your phone comes in contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces. You can notice deeper scratches easily, while minor scratches often remain invisible. Moreover, they can interfere with viewing your phone screen. Additionally, scratches can sometimes be mistaken for other issues, so it’s important to properly diagnose and fix screen flickering if you experience it alongside visible scratches.

3. Water Damage

No doubt, water is the worst enemy of your phone because it can destroy internal electronics. Prolonged exposure to water can make the situation more crucial and affect the performance of your phone or trigger glitches on the display. In some situations, water damage can cause short circuits. To prevent such issues, it’s essential to take precautions and stop dropping your phone, as impacts can compromise its water resistance.

4. Backlight Leakage 

Backlight leakage or LCD bleeding is one of the types of phone damage that refers to patches of leaking light or areas of discoloration. The occurrence of unstable backlighting on the display can be caused by manufacturing defects or physical damage.

5. Dead Pixels

When some pixels on your phone screen fail to display colors, they’re called as dead pixels. When viewing a video or image, they appear as dark spots on the screen. Some manufacturing defects, hardware damage, or heavy usage can cause the death of random pixels. You will probably need a screen replacement to eliminate the dead pixel problem. 

6. Impact Distortions

In some cases, collisions or impacts cause less obvious or massive distortions on the display. An intense impact can shift the upper layer of the screen and lead to uneven lighting. These distortions often occur as color imbalances and destroy your viewing experience. This damage would reduce the resale value of your smartphone.

7. Overheating Damage

Mobile phones are designed to work in a specific range of temperatures. Exposure to excessive heat or cold environments can cause your phone screen to malfunction. High temperatures often become the culprit of discoloration or reduce the touch sensitivity. A long stay in the heat can also cause screen cracking. 


Smartphones can sustain different types of phone screen damage depending on their structures and durability. The above article details all of the types. Before resolving any damage, you will need to find an effective solution. The types that we have discussed include cracked screens, screen scratches, water damage, backlight leakage, dead pixels, impact distortions, and overheating. To resolve any of these screen issues, you can get our expert phone repair. We have skilled technicians who provide specialized solutions according to the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of mobile display problems?

There are many types of mobile display problems that happen due to intense impacts or accidental collisions. The common types include scratches, cracked or broken glass, pressure spots, backlight leakage issues, and touch or digitizer unresponsiveness. 

Can I fix the water damage myself?

You can try multiple ways to revive your water-damaged phone. However, it’s not recommended that you fix it yourself because a non-technical person can worsen the situation. Instead of applying a solution at home, you can get professional phone repair services from a reliable shop. 

How much does it cost to repair a cracked phone screen?

The repair cost of a cracked phone screen depends on the extent of the damage and the phone model. Professional repair technicians often provide a clear estimate of cost and time according to the situation of your phone. 

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